I was asked to share my experiences from the IT industry with first year Telecom Management students. Following are some excerpts from the session.

  • Blow your own trumpet but don’t go out of tune.
  • Stick to your commitments and deadlines.
  • Work smart and work hard.
  • Have top management recall.
  • Don’t stick by stated KRA’s only, explore other areas of work that you can do.
  • Redefine you’re your job to suit your interest and organizations interest.
  • Speak up and give feedback at Top Management meetings and interactions.
  • Take up tough assignments at work which others won’t touch due to fear of failure.
  • Be known for some key attributes.
  • Establish mentors in the system.
  • Bet on the right horses at work.
  • Jo har kar bhi jite hai, unhe bazigar khete hai. (Those who win even when they loose are the ones who win battles).
  • Network well in your organization.
  • Don’t be a cribber. Management hates cribbers they like people who offer solutions for problems.
  • Be part of the solution not the problem.
  • To change the system you need to reach right at the top by using the system.
  • Don’t be a Devdas (Brooding Romeo). Learn to get over things. There are no points for loosing.
  • Join cash rich companies.
  • Differentiate yourself from others as people and skills are commodities in today’s world.
  • Get your boss his promotion. He will get yours.
  • 90% of people end up in industries they started off their careers with.
  • Get mechanisms in place to deal with stress at work.
  • Define what success is to you early in life.
  • Keep in touch with your books. Take up teaching at some point in time in your life.
  • Don’t take things personally at a job.
  • Keep checking your market value.
  • Be a personality.
  • Presentation skills and content are equally important.
  • Keep yourself in great health both physical and mental.
  • Maintain high energy levels.
  • Attend as many training programs and seminars as possible. Keep learning constantly.
  • Take jobs which give you an exposure to other principal companies.
  • It’s ok to be a diplomat but diplomats never run nations.
  • It does not matter what you are at school, it matters what you are at school reunion.
  • The richest and poorest people in the world are the least educated people.
  • Remember that even if you win the rat race you still a rat
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2 Responses to Induction Session with Symbiosis Telecom Management Students

  1. Sachin Bhat says:

    Hi Jamshed,

    I was one of the Students from SITM (03-05 Batch) who had attended this session. I still can remember each word listed down by you in that session hence went searching for this article and finally found it.

    Even after so many years and 3 companies later, I cant say that I have been able to follow each of the points mentioned but definitely realize the true meaning of the Bullet Points.

    By the Way, this is the Only Session that left a Lasting Impression on my Mind then. I have been advocating your principles when I cam across people at work who keep brooding about their inability to get recognized at work. This time, I will be sharing the link to this article on your Blog with some of my colleagues, trust this is ok with you. All due credit to you will be acknowledged.

    Trust things are great at your end and Wish You and your Family the Best.

    Warm Regards,
    Sachin Bhat

    • Hey Sachin,

      First of all apologies for the late reply. I have just been caught up with too many things and have been ignoring my blog. Your comment is timely for me and gives me a reason to keep going on with this blog. Sometimes I guess we forget the things that are dear to us when we are in our daily survival routine. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and I am so happy that the session I did many years back has still an impact on you. I have done a lot of professional speaking lately in the field of Digital and Social Media marketing and you can find out more about what I am up to here http://www.corridorconversations.com/speaking/ and my twitter handle @JamshedWadia

      Thank you once again, wishing you all the very best in life and God Bless!


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