1) There is nothing like a perfect relationship, marriage, friendship, and job. To run after perfection is like running after a moving target.
2) You can never get an upgrade to biz class if you don’t take the risk to arrive late for a flight.
3) Presentation and looks are always more important than content.
4) The world will be always be full of superficial, pretentious and impressionable characters which you have to learn to deal with.
5) You need to necessarily blow your own trumpet.
6) Passion and intensity into anything always fades away.
7) You never will get what you want but get what you need.
8) Every human being is promised his 15 minutes of fame. The next 15 has to be slogged hard for.
9) This is for the men (including me) – Women are the superior creatures, there is no doubt here whose the boss.
10) No one in the world loves you more than your mother and never will.
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