As they played our song i gave you the stare across the room and you knew i wanted to dance.
But you flirted around as if to tease me but finally to be in my arms.
And as you lay our head on my chest i knew you wanted me to understand.
Understand the depth of your heart to see what others couldnot.
My warm breath on your ears blowing away gently your hair
Telling you how much i cared with every breath
In that moment i said everything i wanted to say to you without saying a word
And i knew you could hear the beat of my heart as you held my hand in yours
And as you looked into my eyes i could feel your endless love
Making our bodies move in a rhythm i never had experienced before
And though i know you will never be mine, that very moment you were only mine
And before saying goodbye i left a peck on your forehead to remind you of me forever
As long as they play our song
As long as there is love in your heart for me

Celebrating Love
© Jamshed Wadia

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