As I saw you from a distance standing there struggling with your books; it felt the same way that I had imagined when I would see someone like you. And that moment my world seemed to stop, it’s as if I was in a trance and nothing else mattered but the site of your laughter and your long black hair dancing with cold winter breeze. As I walked to class I couldn’t shake away one thought, the thought of never seeing you again. And every moment I spent waiting for that ever illusive class bell it felt like eternity. Little I did I know they called this funny feeling as smitten in love. Somehow that night my assignments and deadlines didn’t matter, food had lost its taste and Lionel Richie sang like God. The new day brought with it the promise of searching for a name to match your face. And for some reason I now believe that any name would have sounded good to me. That day I walked passed your class seven times with the hope that you notice this guy who was trying to be cool but was loosing it in his head. Finally a name to your beautiful face made things even worse and made me walk 10 miles on my college terrace which was just 50 feet long. Walked and walked till I convinced my self to muster up the courage to go up and meet you. I climbed down to walk towards the library reminding my self of my decision to be brave. I am talking about being brave enough to meet you and not brave enough to return a book which was a month late. And as I stood in the line rehearsing my first words to you, a tap came on my shoulder from behind. Yes it was you as if you were God sent to put my misery to an end. And you said “Hey I have been looking for that book for a month, Can’t you return a book on time”. :-))

Celebrating Love

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