What must have God said to us as we descended for this stint at earth, maybe this is how the conversation went

~ There will be times that man would wage war just because war is big business for him
~ There will be leaders and people who will exploit people on basis of religion and their emotional weaknesses for achieving their own personal goals
~ There will be people who will make false commitments to you, to use you for their own advantage
~ There will be situations where you will have to choose between what you believe in and what is necessary for the basic survival of yourself and your family
~ There will be instances where parents will sell their children so that they can afford their next meal.
~ And there will be children who in their zest to succeed and be comfortable will abandon their parents in their old age
~ There will be rich couples who will yearn for a child to take care off and the poor who would have children too many, with no food to feed them
~ You may find the love of your life only to lose them the next moment Or
~ You may be surrounded by people all your life but still feel empty inside
~ Great minds will invent technology to help mankind only to be misused by a few selfish individuals who will further divide the rich and poor
~ And there will be times you wonder if I ever exist, but I do and I will be there to greet you on judgment day if you have been a good soul

(c) Jamshed Wadia

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