If I were to summarize the reason for all the woes of living today this list would be it
~ Most people aren’t comfortable with their appearance today
~ Most people hate what they are doing at work
~ We have all forgotten how to give, its now all about how much we get
~ We can’t seem to settle down, we just get bored so easily of everything we do
~ We all have the urge to change the status quo but most of the time we don’t know how
~ We take most good things in our life for granted
~ We don’t care about the hearts that beat for us cause we are too busy chasing ones that don’t
~ Stability for us has become taboo, things have to be different cause we take the phrase “nothing is more constant than change” to literally
~ We believe that to enjoy the simple pleasures in life we must solve complex hurdles first
~ We abuse our bodies with all possible excesses and expect to be in perfect health
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