This is about the time when i was away from home studying engineering in Pune. In my first year of engineering i had a major bout of malaria which was followed by jaundice. And living away from home meant eating in all possible unhygienic places which really didn’t help my frequent failing health. So in my third semester of engineering i started frequenting my friend Vivek’s house to get some good home made food. Vivek lived with his parents and an elder sister, they so much reminded me of my family back home so a visit to his place always cheered me up. But the person i really ended up getting attached to was his mom. What amazed me about her was her attitude and positiveness towards life. She was a very energetic and lively person. Compared to her me and Vivek seemed really dull. I always remember her egging me and Vivek to go out watch movies, date women etc. She always had one question to ask both of us “When are you guys going to have girl friends to take out”. I remember the way she would affectionately make tea for me and chat up on whats happening with me never making me miss home once. She had the art of making people comfortable and at ease, an art very few today posses. She affectionately told my mom once when my parents were visiting me in Pune, that i was her second son and she would look over me. Some of the conversations are still fresh in my head, like the one time she told me “Jamshed you better marry someone who loves you a lot cause you are a very difficult person to please”. She had a lot to do with me getting through my engineering years. A couple of months after i left Pune she made a trip abroad which possibly started her Kidney problem. Both her Kidneys were failing and she had started her dialysis treatment. Every visit back to Pune saw me looking at her deteriorating health. It really pained me to see someone so full of life in the jaws of a deadly ailment. Never once did i hear complain or crib about her situation, she faced it with grit, determination & always had a smile on her face. A year later she passed away.
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