This email below is one of my personal treasures. I got this email sometime in late 2001 when i had just put up my quotations on the net. I tried my best to put a reply to it …

(Have removed the name of sender)

Hi Jamshed.

I have a 19 years old son in his second year of college. Recently, he asked me for an unusual Christmas gift. He asked me for 5 life’s good advice. In my eagerness to get inspiration I found your site. It was very good tips. But I want to ask for your opinion.

If you have only five good practical advice on life for a 19 year old man, what would they be?

Thank you very much

God Bless


My Reply

Dear —-,

This is the sweetest and most comforting message I have ever received. Thanks so much for your compliments on my site. I am really touched by your son’s request and your eagerness to give him the right advice. I wish all parents over the world have the kind of relationship with their children.

Well coming to your request I will give you my top learning’s I think which I have gained out of my 28 years of living.

1. Believe totally in yourself. Don’t let any one ever tell you that you can’t do it. Never let anything discourage you from achieving your dream. You are the best.
2. Trust your instinct. Don’t be afraid of doing something different. Pursue a career in your line of interest even if it is as simple as painting. Your chances of success are better if you do something you love.
3. It very important to figure your idea of success. Is it money, fame, friends or anything else. Each one has a different definition of success. If you have this clear you can then mold your life towards that.
4. Invest in family and friends. Remember if you hug your money it never hugs you back.
5. Nothing is ever final. Everyone gets a second chance to mend ways and undo things. God allows U turns.

All the best ! God Bless ! and have a great life.

Warm Regards

Jamshed Wadia

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