The bug of social responsibility and a sense of what is right and wrong bit me very early in life. I would react possibly to everything wrong that I came across in my life. I just had to take a stand on everything until one fine day when I felt mentally exhausted. It’s only then when I realized that one needs to pick and choose their battles in life and pace them well. There is no point in biting on to more things that you can chew and eventually burning out. And whenever I did come across something that I felt strongly about but couldn’t do anything about I made a mental note of it. It was as I hade a place holder on that one problem. And later on eventually I did get a chance to do something about some of the problems I had put on hold. Not all of them but some of them. Not once am I suggesting that we should shirk our responsibilities I just feel that a person mentally and physically can’t fight too many battles at a time. I think it makes better sense to come back to some issues at a later date to deal with. I see a lot of socially responsible people eventually becoming very cynical about life and the system hence I think its best to follow the place holder principle. Not reacting right away to something is no reason to feel guilty about; life offers enough opportunities later on to change things. Just a thought.
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