When i was a kid i was a huge fan of Star Treck. I remember waiting patiently for Captain Kirk and his team to show up on every Sunday at 10.30 am on national television and take me to a place where no man or woman (before anyone takes offense :)) had gone before. Well it just wasn’t me but three buildings full of kids who went through the same phenomena. Well in those days one of the haunts that the kids hung out was my place. That didn’t make my mom the most happiest person because of the constant noise and pranks that we played.

So the story goes like this – One thursday afternoon she decided go out and visit her sister and she specifically warned me not to call my friends over as she had just spent hours cleaning up the place. But for the brat i was i called seven of my buddies to play “Star Treck”. So playing Star treck meant collecting all the possible electronic stuff in house and laying it on my king size bed and pretending it was the star ship enterprise. So the stuff that lay on the bed were a tape recorder, a video tape player, my video games, my telephone and some match box made transporters which were so very famous in Star Treck. For the unfamiliar the transporters were used by the Star Treck crew to talk to each other and help them ‘beam in and out’ of the Enterprise. So we were an hour into our space mission when the telephone on the bed rang. No one seemed to hear it but for one of my friends who picked it up. Incidently he was our space communicator who was responsible to pick up signals from other galaxies. So after a couple of hellos and speaking on the phone he taps me on my shoulder and with a straight face says “Captain i think we need to abort the mission and return to earth” so i asked him “Why? did you get a warning on the radio from the galaxy?” and he says “Worse, Its your mom on the phone, she is pissed and she says she is going to be here in the next 2o minutes”.

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