All good things do come to an end and that’s true for a job, a relationship, our youth, a friendship, a vacation or it could be just a perfect prom night. Some last longer than their logical life span and some just for a moment, but its end is always certain and there is no two ways about that. And believing that it will last forever is the biggest folly one can ever make. Many of us find it difficult to deal with the fact that it’s over and try to stretch and hold on to something that doesn’t exist, trying to make sense out of it all. It’s as if we are trapped in a time warp and we have no way of escaping the one question that seems to constantly haunt us ‘Why?’ And if one thinks that they can come up with a plausible logical answer to that question, which again is another folly. The event of something coming to end can never be reasoned with, its one of those wonders of living that will keep happening as long as we live. So let’s celebrate these events as a dream run that has come to an end and look for the next one.
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