Last weekend i predominantly spent my time on reading up about all the complex conflicts that our world is facing and is divided on, some of these being the crisis in the Middle East, the Kashmir issue, the global stand off with Iran on its nuclear policy and the ever controversial topic of free trade. After endless hours of reading I realized that the world community’s view on all issues have become so bipolar. Most people have a view either for or against; it’s as if one is expected to have an opinion one way or the other. The point I am driving at is what if both sides have aspects that are equally wrong and equally right. In the countless debates on liberals vs. conservatives, religious vs. secular, capitalism vs. socialism and so on, i have always wondered why can’t their be a middle path and a balanced approach. Why does one have to strictly adopt any one particular philosophy, why can’t there be a third view which is best of both worlds? Is there any law anywhere that prevents us from being sensible and making the right decisions for the future of our planet? Seems like the human race loves stand offs and taking extreme views on every situation and crisis. After which they spend the rest of time in actions that push each other to further extremes till a situation is reached that neither one can budge. The only conclusion I can reach on this is that people have become so egoistic that they don’t have the courage to step back and evaluate if all that they say or do is the right. It takes courage to come out and challenge the status quo and admitting that both sides have their merits and all that is needed is to join hands together and agree on those.
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