Your single now and you have been in love before and you know what it means to feel deeply for someone, but that is in the past and now the pressure is mounting within to find the one. Not to mention that constant questioning of concerned friends & family makes it any better. Sounds familiar!! Well welcome to fastest growing population of singles in search of their cosmic counterparts. Some people call it a hapless pursuit of something that doesn’t really exist and that finding love and your soul mate are oversold fantasy’s which are meant for the hopeless romantics and not the realist. Then you meet people that your friends & family introduce you too, logically they seem the right match for you, you can’t find a reason to say no. But you do, because you never thought the decision would be ever logical. Then you get labeled as someone who is choosy, superficial and shallow who is not willing to get real and compromise. Which makes you think of all your ex’s you had and you realize that they weren’t all that perfect, maybe not even as good looking as the people your meeting now but there was something that existed between you two and that was the chemistry. The love and chemistry grows with time they say you need to be patient, but what if it doesn’t and you are stuck in a one sided relationship or marriage. Is it fair to the other person that you have chosen them as a compromise? Will you ever be able to return their love for sure? Isn’t this a disaster waiting to happen? Maybe it’s wrong to build up this expectation of having this ultimate partner for life and maybe they should ban all movies and books that talk about this perfect love, it does exist but what they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t happen too often. And maybe its time, time to get real.
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