What if we did love each other and were letting this moment go. Letting the feelings die a silent death without expressing to each other what we truly felt. What if I regret to tell the world the fact that I couldn’t tell for sure if there was love in those eyes. What if I just mistook your soft touch and dismissed it as just a brush of our hands. And pretending to myself that loosing my breath seeing you smile was because of the long walk we took. What if I felt that you pouring your heart out to me was just one of your weak moments and nothing more than that. And that the stars were giving me a sign but I just wondered if it was just the fine weather and the wine. What if in my moment of insecurity I felt that you were out of my league and you felt we were just right. What if love was just a kiss away but I just didn’t play you the right song, the right song to tide away your fear of the unknown. What if
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