You hang on to every word she says as if those will be the last she will ever speak. You don’t mind waiting endlessly for days together for her to give you that glance, that much needed glimmer of hope. You are willing to take whatever little she can give you, it’s like you are stuck in a time warp and the centre of your world is her. You don’t mind taking a fall for her even if she doesn’t know the sacrifices you have made for her. You stick up for her when all her close friends let her down only to be at the receiving end of the vent of her frustration. Then finally one day you resolve to stand up for yourself and stay away just to see her looking like angel dressed up in the clothes you gifted her years back and wearing your favorite perfume with her hair tied back just the way you like it. That day she decides to give you a full taste of her heart and warmth making all your resolve just melt away. And the saga continues 🙂
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