-For all those stuck in loveless marriages and relationships, move out or fix it because everyone deserves someone who loves them truly, deeply and in every sense of what the word was meant to be. Life is too short and even a few years of experiencing true love is worth the pain and effort, cause it those memories that will run through your head at your last breath and you will hear yourself say ‘it was a life well lived’.
-I have noticed that increasingly there are lots of people and lots of reading material out there that advices people to behave a certain way in order to manipulate feelings out of the other person. Not sure if it’s good or bad but I would think it would be better if we made long term changes to our personality rather than a one off short term change and finding it difficult to sustain that effort.
-It’s quite apparent that we are living in times that make us superficial people and sometimes use it to our advantage. The focus has changed to outward appearances and less on content. But it’s important we recognize this and make sure we keep this part away from our most important decisions about our family and friends. Though eliminating this and surviving in the rat race no longer seems like an option.
-There is no better gift in life that a person can have than they being comfortable with what they are and having originality to their personalities. Are you really happy with your place in the world?
– We all have situations in life where the train of love just waits for a few minutes at your station. The million dollar question is do you want to hop on or let this one go. It could be the last best train but it could also be that the next one coming could have more comfortable seats. I know this is a tough one and needs one to take the leap of faith. Are you ready for the leap of faith?
-For all those people that have been hurt in life and love. Being bitter in life is a choice that we all have. But it’s still a choice and we all have the capacity to let go. Being bitter and hurting more people just increases the circle of unhappiness. I am sure creating more bitter and unhappy people is not our intention. Let it go.
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