– It’s going to be almost a year living in Singapore and if you were to ask me what’s the one thing I have achieved for myself in this year, my reply would be ‘freedom’. Freedom of the mind to be precise, free from being a person who was judgmental about people. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you have been and what you have done in the past. I have realized that everyone has his or her side of the story to tell. And you know what the best part of this is? Is that my focus is no longer others, but it’s now on me. It’s not anymore about what’s wrong with world or how wrongly others are living. It’s about changing my life and making a difference in others. I feel that I have lifted a huge burden of my head and with all the heartaches, loneliness and living it alone this year I think the journey has been worth it.
– There can’t be anything more stimulating than an intense conversation with strangers, especially people from different cultures or even people who have just been acquaintances, but you never really got a chance to dig deep. And recently there have been many such conversations. Off course having a majority of these with other fellow water signs has helped giving it an edge. A fulfilling conversation for me is equivalent to a warm embrace. Its like you have welcomed them into your life and they will always be a part of it. And I have no embarrassment to accept that I have been so wrong about some people.
– Nothing has ever been achieved by doing nothing. It’s as simple as that, if it’s not working try something different. There are no magic formulas or rules written in stone and its all about experimenting. I guess we all need to find out what makes us tick and what gels with us. And I don’t know why I ever had this false notion that everyone thinks alike and that there is just one version of what’s right and wrong in the world.
– Reflecting on life this past year I have realized that I haven’t yet got it right, but the good part is I haven’t got it wrong either. And I now know the kind of man I want to be.

– Insecurity I believe is the biggest relationship killer. If you don’t like who you are or your status in the world you will always suspect your friends and family don’t respect you either.
– But I do believe that there isn’t any relationship that is beyond repair and I don’t agree there is anything like a point of no return. You just need to be courageous enough to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong. And most likely the person who is in the wrong will always know in the bottom of her or his heart that it’s them that needs to make the first move.

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