Obvious reasons why relationships and marriages would head for failure
Even though these are so obvious my experience with most people is that “sometimes you need to state the obvious and see the writing on the wall”
– Two people wanting strikingly different things out of life.- One or both individuals have a deep routed insecurity about the other. – Man not having maturity to deal with his woman’s new found success and fame.- One loves children the other wants nothing to do with them.- One sees a constant need to control the other person’s actions and curtail their freedom. If you can’t be yourself here then something is wrong.
– People’s habits don’t change; expect them to be this way forever. If they do change, it’s just a bonus. So you make the choice now and figure out if you like what you see? Because this is what its going be for a long time.
– Lack of adequate sex. This one actually can be the biggest killer and is usually underestimated by most. If they don’t get here they will look out, if not now then eventually.
– People forget that everyone needs to keep up with the times. If you plan to remain where you were 5 years back in terms of your social skills you will soon be a dinosaur for your partner.
– Partners choose to sulk most of the time rather than communicating their issues.
Remember it’s a new world that we are living in which people have choices and financial independence.
Addition: What I did forget to mention is that this doesn’t apply to extraordinary relationships which involve extraordinary people, but they are rare and far in-between.
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