It was just another day and I was done with work and was deciding on the toughest decision that I need to make every day here in Singapore, where and what do I do for dinner? So I walked up to this food court in one of the malls close by to office. It was late and most stall owners where wrapping up for the day, so I did a quick order of a bowl of soup and some Chinese fried rice to go with it. It is always quite a lonely feeling eating alone especially if you have had a tough day, and watching the late nite couples grabbing a bite together makes it even more depressing. Anyway so I got done with my rice and the true Indian that I am I felt the urge for a good cup of tea after my meal. In most of the food courts here they usually have a specific stall that serves beverages and some of these stalls have people coming up to you and asking you for your order. So I had this elderly Chinese man coming up to me to ask me my choice of beverage. So I looked at him for a couple of moments and then asked him to get me two teas, he looked around me and saw no one else so he asked me again “you want two?” I said yes. After a few moments later he came over with two cups of hot tea and then I made my most bizarre request, I asked him if he would join me on my table to finish the other cup. He was quite shocked and ran out of words to say to me. But after my pursuing with him he relented saying that he anyway needed a break and that food court was almost empty. So after a few moments of complete silence and sipping of our teas I asked him how his day was. He said it was the usual, nothing special really after which I asked how he liked working there at the tea stall. To this he gave me a bright smile on his old wrinkled face and said it gets him by. Then he went into deep thought sipping his tea till he said something I won’t forget. He said he wished people smiled at him more and how he had his unfair share of rude people who seemed to vent their frustration at him just because they were in a bad mood. He said over the years he had seen people get more stressed and rude and it was never this bad. He then talked about his family and spoke fondly of his grandchildren and how he loved them. He said he hoped that his grand children would show more respect for a tea stall server when they grew up. After all the pseudo/ superficial conversations I had that day it was a much needed refreshing conversation with an everyday real person. We bid our goodbyes and on bus ride back home I thought to myself it was time well spent, one conversation that didn’t involve the 4 C’s credit cards, cars, condos and chicks.
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2 Responses to Would you join me for a cup of Tea?

  1. vishwapriya says:

    Your blog is a surprise discovery I made though the indiblogger site. You have a sensibility in your words that goes way beyond “having a way” with them. Perhaps because you are one of those rare ones who still crave for experience as opposed to posession in today’s world. Keep writing!


    Thank’s so much for your comment :))

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