– I remember when I was growing up as a teenager I was extremely introverted. I often found myself staring away from a window when a party was on in the same room. I was the classic self inflicted loner with absolutely no capability to make any polite conversation. For some reason I believed that the world would come and seek me. Maybe it was an attention seeking act, a reaction to boredom, hatred for superficiality or probably I wanted to discover who took the effort to make friends with me. Whatever the reasons maybe it always failed to elicit the response I desired. The more I did it, the more pain I inflicted on myself. It made me feel that the world was a tough place with very little love for me. Now when I think about it I wonder why anyone would care for me when I never bothered reaching out to people and befriending them. Well I guess sometimes simple logic eludes us and we go ahead and take weird stances in life. So if you or anyone out there thinks that being a loner and isolating oneself is going to solve your issues please stop and think again. You are just wasting precious years of your life when you can be out there enjoying friendships and companionship. – I recollect sometime back having an interesting conversation with a buddy of mine on the topic of adultery. I asked him how he and his wife managed to keep themselves faithful to each other with the kind of traveling they did. With all the temptation lurking around how did they manage to stay committed? His response was thought provoking. He said firstly it did have something to do with character and value system that the person has inherited or acquired. He said inherited is something you get from parents and acquired is something one learns along the way and it could be either one or a combination of both. Secondly he said cheating on your partner is usually an outcome of a void one feels in a relationship. He said if you get all what you need at home you don’t seek it outside. Thirdly he said seeds of distrust are the easiest to sow and that to build a trusting relationship one needs years of patience and constant communication. To constantly worry about and suspect the other person is easy for an insecure person. Concentrate on what you can do in the relationship and not what dangers lurk outside.
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