I must admit that in the past i have been guilty of being easily overwhelmed with emotion by an inspiring speech, a touching movie or an electrifying concert that has made me go – “It was Awesome”. And as I write this post I just hope that my frequent awesome’s don’t dilute the experience that I am writing about. Let me for the record state that nothing has come even close to what I have experienced last Saturday when I heard Nick Vujicic speak in Singapore. It was simply magical and I am surprised that I have never heard of him before. I know for a fact that a lot of my friends out there are still to discover him and hence this post of mine. I have often been embarrassed about shedding tears in public especially the in-flight movies when the stewardess seems to appear only when you’re weeping like a baby :)). But this time I had the company of thousands who had tears rolling down their face. Nick Vijucic was born without limbs and his story is worth being explored and told. I won’t say that hearing him has changed my life but it has definitely made me make some decisions that will fundamentally change my future. And I am quite positive if you read about him or get a chance to hear him, you will be inspired too. Maybe it will inspire you to write that book you always wanted to, pursue your forgoten dreams, better your relationships, get closer to your family and most importantly get closer to God. Its not about if Nick can be happy and successful why can’t I, it’s about knowing that there is a plan for all of us and that we need to patient and seek it.

More about Nick Vujicic

“When the world says you are a failure, get a second opinion! GOD has a plan for you!

Life Without Limbs


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