~ I was watching this interview of a bollywood actress on the Singapore edition of a popular Hindi channel and the host at one point in the program says “So I hear from you that you love reading books” to which the actress replies “Yes off course I just love reading its one of my passions”. To this the host asks “So what’s the latest book you are reading now” and she replies “Err … I can’t remember”
~ One of the profiles I came across on the Internet on a Singapore site had something quite interesting “I am a very down to earth person and have a simple lifestyle” the next line in the profile is “I only shop at Zara’s anything less is not acceptable to me”. Oh there is one more “I am a beautiful person both on the inside and outside” somewhere down in the next para “I hate taking care of children and old people”.
~ Its absolutely true when it’s stated that humans can never be satisfied, it just explains why Singaporeans in general crib a lot. I can’t imagine a better country to live in terms of quality of life and efficiency of public infrastructure. I think all Singaporeans should live a year or 2 outside in a developing nation so that they learn to treasure what they have.
~ I was going through all my old photographs and found this one photograph that I had taken of a shop hoarding in a Tier-3 city when I was touring India. The hoarding said “Xerox copies now available in all Languages”.
~ These past few months I have come to realize that I am an extremely bad judge of character. I heard this excellent quote on TV “Tough times don’t build character, but tough times reveal character”.
~ I have been having this recurring dream lately where I go about placing my hand in these palm prints and I try so many but none of them are an exact fit to my hand. I wonder what it means. Is it that I am not fitting in my current environment or is it a sign that you can never actually get a perfect fit and one needs to adjust?

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