It’s no great secret that a substantial part of the women population is attracted to the bad boys. You will find tons of information in books and on the internet pointing towards this trend. Talk to all the nice guys out there trying to hook a woman and they will surely nod their heads in disappointment agreeing with this fact. Many women also admit that they just have a soft corner for this specific category of men. Watching this phenomenon closely over past couple of years I can think of some reasons that contributes to this fatal attraction. Some women find these men exciting to be with and feel that there is a constant thrill that they get by being in their presence. Some of these men show a great deal of confidence and cockiness which just gets the so called love chemistry going in a woman. Some woman love the challenge that comes with a man like that, “I want to change him for the better” she says. And some women are just in that phase of life where they feel it’s better to be with Mr. Wrong till they find their Mr. Right. Anyway my post is not to analysis why women fall for bad guys but just to give a heads up to women who constantly fall for the wrong men. The problem with these women is that the things that get them interested in a man in the first place are seldom the things they look for in their prospective future partners. It is as if these two are separate things and for some reason their expectation is that the naughty bad guy will soon transform into this loving, committed and stable man. I am not saying it never happens but chances are very slim. What makes the situation worse is that most of these guys know the effect they have on women and use it to their advantage. They have this great ability to dramatize their life and make you feel that you are a part of a movie. They know exactly who their target is and how to lay the bait. The sad part is that the moment you loose his attention and he gets what he wants he is off onto his next prey leaving his victim feeling used and further away from their long term goal of a stable relationship. Ask him for a commitment and that’s the probably the last time you will see him. I have seen many examples of woman not able to recover from a fall like this and they just get trapped in the vicious circle of one bad boy after another. The fact of the matter is most men know exactly what they want out of a relationship and their intensions vary from casual to serious. If you’re not happy about where you stand in his life and his intension index at a given point in time then the best advice I can give you is “Move on”. And what should the nice guys do? Move their lazy butts and garner the courage to go and win the woman’s heart, cause if it wasn’t for their cowardice we would never have the problem of bad boys in the first place.
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