I never anticipated that i would ever admit to this. :)) Thanks to Chris

– In the end your success and happiness in life is not determined by the degrees and education you may have but is determined by your attitude and hunger to do well in life.
– If you don’t know the answers don’t be shy to ask.
– You never know, you may make a friend for life if you initiate a conversation with a stranger. Better still they may be able to help you with what you currently need.
– Use every occasion possible to look and dress your best.
– Prayers make a difference and it gives you that extra edge that you may need in addition to being well prepared.
– Be nice to domestic help and treat them as family and they will give in their extra bit to make you more comfortable.
– Be friendly and mix around in social gatherings you never know what you learn from a conversation.
– Keeping personal relationships with friends and close family is important.
– One must enjoy their food.

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