Whenever we are in the starting and growing years of our career we often get bogged down by concerns of money, position and unrealistic time-lines to achieve our goals. Sooner or later these concerns become counterproductive and just paralyse us as individuals. I guess over time everyone will eventually learn how to deal with these concerns in their own ways. Whenever i do feel that i am lagging behind in my goals and others are ahead of me i take comfort in the fact that being behind 2 or 3 years in an average career span of 40 years is not that bad. Its a matter of time when you can close in on the gap and maybe overtake as well. As long we stay on course and be sincere about our goals we will soon have our fair share of success.
I found this below quote extremely relevant and thought provoking and i hope it comforts and inspires us to be patient.
‘Many years ago Rudyard Kipling an address at McGill University in Montreal. He said one striking thing which deserves to be remembered. Warning the students against an over-concern for money, or position, or glory, he said: “Some day you will met a man who cares for none of these things. Then you will know how poor you are.” – Halford E. Luccock
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