– Its no secret to my close friends that i have a strong desire to have the gift of spontaneity and out of the box thinking. Over the years i have earned the dubious reputation from my friends of being a balloon poker but off-course in the positive sense. When they have a great ideas they come to me to seek assistance in finding all the possible flaws. It benefits them as they know which areas to cover up and take calculated risk. But in reality i would love to trade my levelheadedness, logical thinking for that streak of spontaneity and being an out of the box thinker. I have made small beginnings made in this area by changing my response to “It will work provided you take care of blah blah” from “It will not work because of blah blah”.
– Philosophy of Racism. Every wondered why people are racist? Some of the reasons i can think of are. a) Fear of the unknown or lack of understanding of another culture. b) Believing one’s race is superior to another. c) Hand me down mindsets from one generation to another. d) Insecurity that one race will dominate economically. e) Fear of loosing one’s identity f) Prejudice thinking formed by one bad experience with a race. I have a little prayer that people judge me by my deeds and my character before they decide to write me off.
– I feel all of us grow up with similar concepts of right and wrong and most of the times we know when we are doing the wrong thing. Sometimes we justify our wrongs blaming it on our circumstances surrounding us. Sometimes it’s the attitude that this is what everyone is doing so why should I loose out. Sometimes we are just plain tired of doing the right thing and it getting us no results. But the scary thing that seems to be the trend now is that moral values are being stretched like gum on the pretext of modern thinking and being free spirited and some people are even made heroes for it. What this world needs are more positive role models.
– Students prepare for exams, candidates prepare for job interviews, actors rehearse their lines, sportsmen & women train for the games then why do most people don’t prepare for marriage considering its one of the most important decisions of life.- Be in constant touch with your emotions and bad decision making will leave you.
– Do we always fight for the right causes? Read this article from url and make your judgments, does this even warrant our attention? Is it about making a statement or making a real difference in society and the way we live. (Click Here For Story)
– Lets learn not to over dramatise our problems, rather focus on solutions. Repeatedly talking about a problem doesn’t make it go away.
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