– The last 15 days were extremely eventful, emotional and fun. I made a trip back to Mumbai and attended two family functions one my cousin’s daughters navjote and another my cousin’s wedding, caught up with my cousin’s many who I haven’t seen in years, caught up with ex work colleagues, ate street food, picked up a stomach flu, talked to parents about marriage, made friends with a stranger on my flight back to Singapore, helped organize a new year count down party and last but not the least ushered in the new-year with Ms. Right.
– I met an interesting 20 something youngster called Siddarth who happened to sit next to me on my way to Singapore. He was on his way to Brisbane for a course that would help him chase his dream of becoming a star actor and director in Bollywood. I could tell that this was his first flight ever as he was extremely nervous. His passion and spirit of making something of himself impressed me. He is leaving behind his comfortable family business to pursue his Bollywood dreams. “I want everyone next time to say that Siddarth the famous Bollywood personality is traveling with them in the same flight” says this enthusiastic 20 year old. All the best Siddarth, my heart says you will meet your goal some day if you keep the passion and the never say die spirit.
– My Aunty pointed out some interesting facts about Wadia’s when I met her on my trip to India. She said that Wadia’s were illustrious ship builders of India. And more specific to my dad’s side of family she said we were hardworking, sincere and hypochondriacs. To this my girlfriend said ‘Bingo’. I think she was referring to the hypochondriac bit :).
– I noticed some witty comments on these promo stickers put up in a cab in Mumbai from ‘Star One-Great Indian laughter challenge’. They went like this …“Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again” “Careful with that light at the end of tunnel, it might be another train coming”. Anyway its just for laughs cause i don’t really subsribe to this view.
– Posted some pictures from our countdown party on New Years Eve night. My buddy Brendan was at his best rallying everyone to dance away till the clocks struck midnight. I posted a video on YouTube for entertainment valueJ.
– Finally wishing everyone a Blessed 2008. May no heart’s be broken this year and may smiles adorn everyone through out 2008. Let’s all do our part to make 2008 happy for our friends, family and colleagues.
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