I know most of us get asked this question many times – “If you were to rate in order of priority the importance of love, friends, career and family in your life how would it look like”. I have experienced varied answers from friends and loved ones but always wondered if I were to look at a global average what would that list of priority look like? A few days back I stumbled upon Google trends where you can gauge world interests on your favorite topics on the internet. So I decided to do a quick search on trends for the words love, friends, career and family and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The snap shot below shows that the world searches in order of priority on the internet the following -1) love 2) family 3) friends 4) career. Not sure if it’s the accurate way of judging priorities but at least we know what’s on most people’s minds. Not bad huh? This world still has a heart.
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