A long time ago in a tiny little village lived a vivacious and gregarious girl whose beauty and Witt was unmatchable. She always had this lively spirit and a sense of adventure. She would always dream of embarking on these magical journeys that would be full of discovery and glitter. She never failed to notice the smell of flowers, the chill of a cold winter breeze or warmth of the sun. She always had a sense of curiosity and a will to keep learning. She was a person who believed in the present and felt that life was a song and all she had to do was to follow her heart. And one day as she followed her heart she met this handsome farmer to whom she gave her heart. They spent hours and days together talking together about their lives, dreams and their future. She had never felt more sure and secure in a man’s arms before. The farmer was a simple man who loved his village and his ancestral farm. He toiled all day in the heat of the sun to make a dignified living. He loved familiarity and security of the known and was a firmly rooted man who knew that his future lay in his village of birth. And that if he worked really hard and continued to live the way his forefathers did, he would make a modest living to sustain a happy family. Knowing that she wouldn’t get a better man with such strong values and virtues she decided to spend her life with him. They lived happily for a couple of years where he worked hard in the field and she sang him songs of encouragement. He gave her everything she needed clothes, bread and a house to live in and she gave him all her love and encouragement in return. One day while washing her clothes at the water stream she couldn’t help but notice how the water flowed free as bird. Being curious she wondered where the stream led to. She walked quite a distance till she reached the edge of her village from where she could only see the scenic distant lands. From that day onwards she kept going back to the edge of the village and imagined what life would be across in the distant lands. She remembered her spirit of adventure and journey’s she had dreamt of making, but alas she belonged to man who was rooted to his beloved village. Even though she had everything she felt she needed, she often found herself gasping for breath trying to tame her inner spirit. She knew that she needed to be content with the fact that life had been good but yet she felt unfulfilled. The farmer soon realized that his beautiful maiden was in turmoil and torn within but didn’t know what was causing it. So the next day he decided to follow her path. He watched her as she stared into the distant lands and instantly knew the reason for her turmoil. He was very upset and couldn’t understand why after all he had provided her with she still dreamt of making a journey that would take him away from his beloved village. That year the farmer worked twice as hard in pursuit of forgetting his hurt. That year turned out to be the best harvest ever for the farmer earning him twice of what he usually made. Though he never intended to make the extra money he instantly knew what he had to do with it. So one fine winter morning he blind folded his wife and rode with her till they reached the far distant land she so wished to see. That year the farmer and his wife made many journeys to new places making new discoveries, meeting new people and learning new cultures. Of course they rode back home and lived happily every after. :))
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One Response to Tell me a Fable

  1. Christina says:

    this fairy tale is nice and finds it funny but real too in some ways..at first i thought u’re writing something about the tribal village girl in the picture you took together, how she met and settle in the village. :p

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