– It’s been a hectic and quick start to the New Year and I have been on the road for the most of it. First was the much awaited and needed vacation to Thailand. It’s been more than 2 years since I have had a week off from work with no email and no phone calls. I was quite glad that I was disciplined about the no emails part. I did get the initial withdrawal symptoms but after a few days I was glad I kept away. It’s amazing how a few days away from TV, internet, work and any visual media messaging can make you think clearer. The trip essentially covered Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Golden triangle and Bangkok. The highlight of the trip for me was meeting the northern Thailand tribes and off course my companion on the trip whom I dearly love (getting some brownie points). The thing that I noticed the most was that Thai people smile a lot which makes you smile as well. For few days when I got back to Singapore I did continue smiling untill I realized that people on the MRT thought I was some kind loony smiling for nothing. Did manage to keep my digital camera busy and get some nice pictures of the trip. I would give thumbs up to the Thailand trip and recommend you holiday there if you haven’t made it there yet.
– The second trip was to the US for our annual sales conference in Vegas. I had privilege to stay at the Venetian. Yes that’s right ‘The Venetian’ which is like a city by itself. The immigration officer at LA airport was quite right when he told me that I need not get out of the hotel because it’s got everything in it. This was my first time in Las Vegas and I must say it lived up to the reputation in my mind. Though I don’t gamble I did manage to catch some shows in Vegas. I watched ‘The Blue Man show’ which I thought was awesome. If anyone wants to know what innovation and originality is then they need to go and check out the blue man show. If you were to ask the blue men what connected people together, don’t expect them to say the ‘internet’ they would say its plumbing. I would rate it as one of the best audio visual experience I have had. I recommend you go read more on the philosophy behind the blue man group its quite refreshing and inspiring.
– Two quotes that captured my attention this month. First is from a movie I can’t recollect but I did jot down the dialogue – “The way to achieve your dreams is to finally wake up and do something about them”. The second quote which I heard at church is from David Verklin “Great brands are no longer the ones that are best story tellers, but the ones with best stories been told about them”.
– One more ‘been there done that’ added to my list. I ate some fried worms. Can’t believe it? Here’s a picture. Actually they tasted like French fries; quite crunchy.
– I was doing some research on web tools for websites and I found out that my blog is blocked in China. Not sure why but anyway the tool is pretty interesting you may want to check it out. Website test behind the great fire wall of china.
– Read this interesting article in New York Times online edition. It talks about how Indian education system is valued highly by Japanese students. It’s worth a read.
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  1. vivek says:

    Hi Jamshed, Nice to see your vacation photos. Looks like you had a great time!


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