This weekend I watched the re-run of the extremely motivating movie called ‘Rudy’ which was released in 1993. The movie is essentially about the passion and struggle of Daniel Ruettiger (nicknamed “Rudy”) whose dream was to play professional football. Rudy was 5’ 6” tall and weighed just 165 pounds and inspite of not having the physical characteristics of a marquee football player he went on to achieve his dream of running out of the players tube into the football field playing a professional match. Later on I went on to search the internet for information on Rudy and found out that there is tons of information out there about his life and achievement and I believe that there is a company called Rudy International that is in the business of motivating people. Reading all the information and watching the movie got me thinking, what made Rudy so successful? Obviously the underlining theme was ‘Never quit’, ‘Keep trying’, ‘Chase your dream’. But I wanted to dig deeper and I recollected from the movie that there were series of events and people that helped Rudy be successful. The question to ask here was why did these people decide to stick up and support Rudy? What did they see in him? The answer was plain simple “Passion, determination and a will to succeed against all odds”. When we see people trying really hard with dedication and passion we tend to do whatever in our capacity to make them successful. Not all people will lend a supporting hand but at some point in time there will be an individual or individuals that will push us through because of the passion they see in us. So the next question for us is – do we show the Rudy spirit in us? Do we show the energy and passion in what we do to get noticed by the right people? Many years ago at the start of my career I had an individual who reported into me, who I felt possessed, the Rudy qualities. He was from a small town in India and all he got from people when he moved to Mumbai was statements like – You don’t have the right education, your language skills are weak, your so naive how will you ever survive in the corporate world. But he had tremendous passion to make it and improve his life and was a fast learner. I did make extra efforts for him because of these qualities in him. And now he proved all his nay-sayers wrong and moved ahead of them. Today he is an extremely successful individual with a bright future and has learnt the tricks of corporate life. And for sure if he keeps his passion for life and success the right people will always be sent like angels to make him more successful. We need to feel the fire in our bellies everyday to achieve our goals and dreams to be the next Rudy.
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