If you have been reading my blog you will know what my opinion on the entire facebook phenomena is. Yes the sad part is that I have to award it with the status of a phenomenon and now the Collins English dictionary has delivered the final blow and decided to add facebook in their new edition as a verb and a noun. I guess now the trend is irreversible and I will be left among the ever shrinking minority of people who are resisting the peer pressure to go back on it. Who knows maybe in the future, governments will adopt it to create citizen networks. Citizens don’t socialize? Use facebook. Too many singles not willing to marry? Use facebook. Want to track tax evaders? Use facebook. Maybe some years from now I may be forced to drop my stance and embrace it. A week back the New York Times published an article that talked about user’s who were not able to completely delete their profile on facebook. They could only deactivate it but couldn’t delete it and that their info was archived forever. After a major outcry from users and the negative publicity that this feature of facebook got; they decided to make it easier for users to delete their profiles completely. Another breaking trend about facebook is that many recruiters are evaluating their prospective employees based on the information they have up on facebook. I won’t be surprised if appraisals and promotions will be decided based on your facebook profile. So folks please do be careful about the information you put up, also the information that friends post about you on your wall. It could be detrimental to your professional prospects. Don’t forget that people are keeping tabs on you and the kind of company you keep and the kind of conversations you have on the internet. I get asked many times, if I dislike facebook so much then why do I blog and give out so much personal information? Why am I on LinkedIn? I want to set the record straight I am not against social networks as long as it is not obtrusive, its professional in nature and doesn’t affective my productivity. I understand that security and identity thefts can happen from anywhere and that isn’t my real concern with facebook. But I do believe that a social network should have a general goal, a purpose. It can’t be used to replace meeting close friends, quality time with family, real gifts for loved ones. The threat we currently face is that people are actually living out their lives on facebook instead of being out there in the real world. I personally believe you should have many professional connections and networks because that’s the nature of the world we live in, where knowledge and expertise need to be shared and promoted. But friendship based social networks force us to spread ourselves thin among friends. We got to sow quality time in close friends and family and there is no easy way out. I know the arguments in favor of facebook are many and I am aware what I am forsaking. But currently I want to be focused, productive and committed to close friends and family. I can’t think of spending hours accepting vampire attacks, virtual drinks and obscenities. I want to live a real life in the real world and not a social matrix which just virtual and illusionary.
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One Response to FaceBook, face it, it’s in your face

  1. Mike Carson says:

    I signed for it a month ago to see what the fuss was about. I still don’t see it…but I was able to leave links to many of my websites there and I guess that is a good thing. I am just about spreading my words to anyone who cares to read them and I couldn’t agree more about the global vision and connectivity. Loved my visits to Singapore in the ’70s, by the way, beautiful place.

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