I am from the school of thought that everyday should be a Valentine’s Day and that you don’t need an occasion to express your love to your partner, but I went with the flow of the gift and the flowers bit. This Valentine’s Day the valentine’s up there in heaven were good to both of us. My girlfriend and me decided to get out of Singapore city and take a ferry to the near by island ‘Pulau Ubin’. Pulau Ubin is the largest of all the islands around Singapore and it looks exactly as it looked in 1960, quite a contrast to main Singapore island which gets a facelift every now and then. Private vehicles are not allowed and there is only one resort in Pulau Ubin which is where we parked ourselves. The ferry ride was around 20 minutes and took us straight to our resort ‘Kampong Ubin’. I was quite surprised that there were just three couples that decided to make this trip. Infact I thought that it may be a good idea getting there early to avoid the crowd; I guess not many Singaporeans fancy the getaway island on Valentine’s Day. As soon as we got there we hired some bicycles and hit the deserted roads of Pulau Ubin. It was great to feel the rush of air on our faces. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a bicycle and rode so un-purposefully. The food in the market was good and we got to meet a peculiar parrot that could distinguish between races and dished out a ‘hello’ or a ‘ni HAO ma’ depending on who walked into the store. On the whole it was a great trip with the ‘watching the sunset’ and ‘romantic’ moments thrown in. Off course there were the funny moments like the answer ‘Brown’ which I got when I asked what she saw in my eyes, me using the hair conditioner as face wash, the champagne bottle popping on its own. Some pictures posted that we took on our trip. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and may we all blossom in love. God Bless!!
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