You wake up in the morning and you’re overwhelmed with emotion and information. Your mind is racing in many directions making a mental note of the ‘To Do’ list for the day. You have some new things to act upon and some things have been left outstanding for months. Your old friends want to catch up with you and wondering why you have no time for them anymore. You just made some new friends at a party last night and they want to establish a connection with you as well. Your spouse wants their share of attention and the kids have a school game that they want you to go. You have new business idea that you would like to explore in your free time but your boss expects you to work weekends. The doctor has demanded you to get a minimum 8 hours of sleep daily and avoid undue stress at work or else it will just worsen your chronic stomach digestion issues. So your list of ‘to do’ things totals up to 30 hours worth of time but you are to make do with 24. Your work piles up, your hobbies are non existent and you grow distant from your friends and family. All of sudden your life’s theme is “Keeping it together”. Sounds familiar? I am sure it does and it’s extremely frustrating. Many of us are in this space right now. First I must congratulate you on getting busier it’s a sign that people value your work, friendship, and that your mind is being innovative enough to explore new work opportunities. So what you got to do is take a day off from everything and to go some place where you can have a conversation with yourself. Talk to yourself about what your end goals are and what is most important to you. Stick to basics spiritual development, family and health should supersede the rest. Don’t have the fear to let go unimportant tasks and people. Focus on quality and doing lesser things but doing them well.
A month back I read an interesting book called “The Book for People Who Do Too Much” by Bradley Trevor Greive. If you or someone you love has a problem of coping with time then this book is worth a glance.
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One Response to Slow Down – Speed bumps ahead

  1. Gilana Studio says:

    yes, I agree that we have so much to do with so little time. I’ll like to slow down abit at times. :p

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