I made a come back last week into facebook and I reactivated my account that I had deleted. For this I could be fairly accused as being an hypocrite. Over the last six months I wrote two post on this very blog saying that I had opted out and why I felt so strongly about not being on facebook. I did have my reasons and strong reactions to it. For starters I felt I was spending excessive amount of time on facebook daily which I thought cut into my daily leisure time which I could have spent catching up with friends or reading a nice book. The numerous application requests and notifications on my email account overwhelmed me and I decided its best to quit. Off-course not to mention the risk of having too much information about me and my friends available to the rest of the world. I admit I had symptoms of facebook overload but the remedy I chose was wrong. So with a foot in the mouth scenario, lets move on to my new balanced approach to Facebook.

Some rules I have set for myself for facebook

– I am going to use it as a medium to connect to old and existing friends. No strangers for me and if they want to connect for business and networking purposes then they can connect with me on LinkedIn.

– Correspondence on facebook more towards friends who are in different cities and countries. I have to relent its one of the best ways to stay connected with their lives. Joy you win and I can see you grinning away.

– Not more than 20 minutes a day spent on facebook.

– Privacy settings and Account visibility restricted to close and trusted friends.

– Notifications that generate emails restricted to a bare minimum.

– Block most time consuming applications – kiss, huge, poke, drinks etc. They don’t interest me.

– Use facebook to share blogs and views with friends.

– Only 2 social-media site subscriptions (LinkedIn for Professional, Facebook for personal)

– Stay connected and stay genuine. Excess of anything is bad and the right use of new technology is responsibility of us users.

Facebook, face it, it’s in your face – the laugh is on me.

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