On this father’s day I wanted to re-post something I had written about my dad a few years ago. I would like to wish all the fathers out there a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ and may you all enjoy everlasting love and happiness with your children. And to my dad I would like to say I love you and that you have been a great dad. As grandpa died when you were very young, you have always known the importance of having a father in a child’s life and you have played that role to your very best. I hope whatever i achieve in life serves as a great reflection of how you brought me up.

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I was at my at my sister’s place today for tea this afternoon and we were generally chatting and remembering our school & college days. During our conversation I recalled an incident where i thought my dad behaved super cool. This was during my last year of engineering away from home in a city called Pune. In my last couple of months of engineering I was kind of depressed and low and my parents knew it, so they decided to come by to Pune to stay with me for a couple of weeks. About the same time Bon Jovi was visiting India and doing a concert in Mumbai and I so wanted to go but for the fact that it conflicted with one of my viva’s (exams) in Pune. My dad knew that I loved music and knew how much it meant to me, especially when I was not feeling too good about my self at that point in time. So my dad few days before my exams on his very own went over to my college and spoke to the professor who was the head of my engineering department. My dad requested him if my exam could be accommodated on an earlier date as my mom was not well and that he needed me back home. So the Head of the department relented and I made it to the concert. My dad has always been the ‘studies come first’ kind of a person but this time round he really surprised me with his gesture. It’s the fact that he had to lie about something to get me back to Mumbai. For person who has been simple and honest all his life I know this must have been tough for him. Thanks dad, you are super cool.

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One Response to To my cool dad ‘Happy Father’s Day’

  1. Nimisha says:

    oh wow! it takes an exceptionally thoughtful parent to do this type of thing ! 🙂

    three cheers for your dad! 🙂

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