I was having a conversation with a friend over dinner this evening and he told me about websites that track people’s feelings through blog tags, twit’s, facebook status etc and that a common theme could emerge out of them. So I went ahead to ask him, do you really need a software to tell you what is going on in peoples minds? Its quiet easy to predict the common ones.

– Life is : unfair, unpredictable, too short, too long, is a bitch, beautiful, endless, continuous change, my family, my girlfriend, my wife, my husband.
– I feel : lonely, left out, isolated, alone, miserable, sad, depressed, not loved, angry, happy, loveless, elated.
– I hate or love : my boss, my family, my pet, my school, my company, my job, my friends, my situation, my finances, my addiction, my life.
– The world is afflicted with – evil, global warming, hunger, disease, inhumanity, terrorism.
– I need : money, a life, a partner, sex, happy marriage, religion, happiness, children, emotional support, a meal, a roof above my head.

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One Response to What’s the world thinking about?

  1. Tara says:

    Hey your blog is cool and you look very different from the last time i saw you… that was about four years back… 🙂 You still have the same style of writing…m gonna read them more often…

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