I was having a corridor conversation with a colleague and the discussion centered around blogging. During the conversation he made a comment that struck a sensitive chord in me. He said “Nowadays everyone thinks or pretends to be a good blogger but if you go to their blogs, you will see zero comments on most of their posts”. Well that’s exactly the way my blog is, I thought to myself. Does that make my blog lousy? Well apparently by his standard it does. But I feel that it’s the wrong way to judge someone’s blog. I monitor my blog visitor statistics very regularly. I have a loyal group of subscribers and a decent amount of unique visitors monthly. Also the average time spent and average pages visited on my blog are favorably high numbers as well. Above all this I do get a lot of emails from friends and strangers after reading my post. Once I had a Japanese man who wrote to me, how reading one of my posts made him believe in love again. But then why is it that my visitors don’t like to comment on my blog? I tried to come up with my own set of assumptions and answers
– My blog posts are usually feel good, motivational, inspirational or just my rants. I don’t write anything controversial that elicits anger or strong opinions. So maybe there isn’t much room for commenting?
– Many of my friends and other visitors prefer sending me comments offline on email or on messenger. Quite a few go on to discuss their private lives and how they related with my posts. Could they be shy giving these details on the blog?
– Maybe I haven’t marketed or connected myself well enough on the whole web 2.0 thingy?
– Maybe I haven’t established my self professionally or personally for people to pay attention to what I have to say?
– Or maybe there are few readers for the kind of content I generate.

But despite of this I am going to continue blogging as it makes me happy. Maybe I will get better with time and maybe peoples taste in content shall change. Hopeful

Comments anyone? (Nice try right 🙂 )
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9 Responses to Do you judge a blog by the comments and number of conversations happening there?

  1. Miki says:

    IMO, judging a blog by its comments is much like judging a book by its cover.

    Certainly quicker and easier than actually reading it, THINKING about it and then forming one’s own opinion:)


    Thanks .. I know what you mean 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well ,this one is not to prove that yes I do visit your blogs and read them , but a general comment that, its interesting to know that there are like minded people in the far corners of the world , who can express what you can only feel. So,on reading your blogs,as you have rightly said,there is nothing controversial about them , there are no strong emotions or anger which is aroused ,but definitely a strong nod of agreement.At least it is difficult for me to put down in words the overwhelming emotions that come up which say “Ok,so I am not the only one who feels that”.Hope whatever I said makes sense :-S


    It does make sense 🙂 .. Thanks for the comment means a lot.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you want to be popular, tell people what they want to hear…
    In any case, the number of comments you will receive depends on the number of comments you make on others blogs. Perhaps that is the reason?

  6. Srijata says:

    Ok, let me increase the number of comments for this post 🙂
    I agree to the fact that blogging is not for getting comments, but to express various thoughts, experiences and feelings and share it with others. Ultimately the idea is to feel good and make others feel good by reading them.


    Hi .. Some good interaction on LinkedIn Bloggers on the same topic. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/LinkedinBloggers/message/6825

  8. a million different people says:

    Well, blogging involves creativity. And creativity is art. Art for the most part, contrary to what people say, needs incentive. It’s difficult to expect something out of people and get it the way you want it. 🙂

    I stumbled upon your blog. I would’ve normally not commented (maybe I would have) but this write-up made me want to comment, because I have, indeed thought about this at some point. If your goal is public external validation, you’ll have to work for it. 🙂 Comment on other blogs compulsorily or at least on the ones who comment on your blogs and shyte like that. If your goal is just to record, then the satisfaction that the number, of unique visitors on your analytics page should be sufficient.

    All the same, don’t stop blogging. 🙂 Blogging is fun.


    @a million different people: i agree with what you just wrote i am going think hard about this and work on it.

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