I was in a meeting some days back where a potential vendor was presenting via live meeting. As we had some callers logged in from remote sites they requested the presenter to email them the presentation. I was shocked to hear their reply ‘Sorry we can’t mail the presentation as it’s above the 4MB mail limit’. To which I replied ok can you use a private mail provider like hotmail etc. The next reply shocked me even further ‘Sorry our organization doesn’t permit use of personal email accounts or social networking sites’. And this organization is one of the leading software companies from an emerging market. It tells me two distinct things about the company. First as a technology vendor they should be embracing technology not shying away from it. It’s a classic case of I can’t even eat the cake I baked. Secondly this company has very little trust in its employees and their ability to be productive. That place needs some HR re-org.

Are the following restrictions in an organization warranted in our times?

– Blocking of personal email providers.
– Blocking of social media websites.
– Email Limits that don’t allow sending over large files.
– Blocking of Job sites and Competitor websites.


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