The promise of a life time that’s what I had with you. Having my world revolve around you was the most satisfying feeling I ever experienced. And when I felt overwhelmed with the world you had the smile that helped me to make it through the day. I never knew why and how most problems happened to melt away when you were around. It was as if our lives were designed by a super natural force to be interwoven together. And when people saw us together I can’t help but remember the awe that they had. There was so much pleasure we enjoyed in each others companionship. It’s a fact that you were the only man that made me feel like a complete women. And now with you gone forever I feel emptiness, an emptiness I can’t describe. But I know deep in my heart I have your promise, a promise of a great life for having loved you so much.
(Dedicated to a friend who lost her loved one)
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3 Responses to The Promise

  1. andycomplains says:



    I miss Singapore too 🙂 .. will be back this week .. jams

  3. The Real Ginger says:

    That was beautiful–made me cry.

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