– When I was 8 years old my cousin brother and me packed our bags and ran away from my grandma’s place. We didn’t like the breakfast so we walked out in protest. I remember packing my things and pretending to be upset. We hid for a couple of hours in the stairway of the next apartment building. Our families were just short of calling the cops that’s when we made an appearance back. Off course the beating I got from my mom that evening is etched in my memory.
– I had this huge crush on a girl during my secondary school days and one day when I was walking back home I thought I saw her by her window sill so I gestured a passionate flying kiss only to discover when I moved closer it was her mom.
– I pinched my Kindergarten teacher’s butt in one of her classes. She reported it to my mom and asked for an explanation.
– One of the years at school I won a prize for best student in physical education and I was probably the most frail and puny boy in class. I suspect it had something to do with the socks I gifted my PT instructor on teacher’s day.
– There was one particular dish that my mom made that I completely disliked and those days I made it a point to exchange my Tiffin box with friends at school.
– I was in love with the piano when I was a boy and was all set to learn it but then my parents for some unknown reason just pulled me out of the class, later I found out that there was a rumor going around that my piano teacher had some affair with a peon in my school.
– Once my teacher caught me making police sirens in the class. She asked for my shoes and threw them out of the window. That evening I told my mom someone stole my shoes on the playground.
– I participated in many singing competitions in school and there was this one particular practice session that I distinctly remember. My teacher asked me which song are you planning to sing and I said ‘Like a virgin’ to which she replied ‘err I think we should select another song for you’.
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2 Responses to Funny stories from my school days

  1. Garima says:

    Walkout…hmmm…so you’ve been a menance since childhood days…guess some things never change.Dont think the spanking you got from your om was enough!!


    no i guess not 🙂 … there is potential to receive more

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