Last night (rather early this morning at 5 am 🙂 ) i made my finishing touches to my new blog ‘Corridor Conversations’. I intend this to be my professional blog where i can talk about marketing, branding, internet, technology etc, basically anything to do with corporate life. I have been wanting to set up a professional blog for the longest time because blogging on igniting thoughts(which is this blog) always made me feel that i was missing out all the business related stuff i wanted to talk about. So for now it is one personal blog and one business blog and the on the roadmap is ‘Let’s blog for God’, but not yet ready for that, URL is booked though 🙂

I hope you all like ‘Corridor Conversations’. Please do give me your candid feedback on the look and feel and of course the content. Thanks … Jam
P.S. Thanks Joy for helping me brainstorm on the new title.
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