· I am quite positive that there is an inverse correlation of a person’s success in life to the number of self help books he or she has read.
· Felt I heard another confession “we are afraid to let foreigners into our lives, what if we don’t like them, worse still what if we do?”
· Jamshed felt he heard a confession today – “I don’t know how to be honest, maybe that’s why I like metaphors”
· I love watching people’s expressions when they run out of money on their bus card it’s like ‘what’s wrong with this damn card’
· Jamshed feels life would be more peaceful if people focused on bettering themselves rather than pulling others down in order to get ahead.
· Let’s give people the smiles we never get in the hope that someday it would come back.
· I like this quote “if we don’t win their hearts today, they will break our hearts tomorrow”
· Noticed a man on the MRT wearing an interesting T-shirt that said ‘Searching for an Aspirin and also details of what happened last night’ 🙂
· When genuinely nice people come along, people begin to question their motives & search for hidden agendas, but in reality there are none.
· Just saw a funny bumper sticker ‘I drive like this because I want to piss you off’
· It’s important to have clarity before ambition; you wouldn’t want to land up on top of a wrong mountain.
· Nobody really cares if you are right all they want see is how you react.
· I pointed out to my girl friend at dinner that her favorite word is ‘No’, and she said.. ‘No, I don’t think so’ :))
· Jamshed just realizes how much he dislikes indecisiveness, people take a stand, make a move, have an opinion, live your life.
· To see yourself in a younger face, there is no better joy.
· People are like metallic springs the more you contain them the more they jump.
· Collaboration is a key skill to have in world where people have diverging views and less authority. Mantra for Life 2.0 is to collaborate.
· Ladies chase a good man not a good ring.
· Leading someone needs courage, but following someone needs even more courage
· Should we seek answers to questions that are not ours to ask?
· It’s either right or wrong, you can’t be half pregnant.
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