Nov 2008 - Remember MumbaiIts taken me over a week to gain some composure to write a post on the terror attacks that happened last week in Mumbai. Probably after a very long time I experienced unbelievable anger, sadness and a sense of hopelessness watching the heinous acts unfold for so many days. Being away from Mumbai which is my home city made me feel even more helpless and alone in it. And as I went through a range of emotions that at some points were hard for me to contain, all that comforted me were my silent conversations with God seeking his answers and comfort for me and people who were going through the ordeal in Mumbai. The entire time I was just glued to my TV and computer, switching channels and watching online streaming video getting both international and local coverage. I even kept a tab on blogs, twitter and social media sites that were reporting about it. As I watched the terrorist vandalize those great land marks of my city, my mind raced back in time when I had many joyous occasions with family and friends in all those places. It was unbelievable how 10 men could hold the city of Mumbai at seize for so many days and all we could do was helplessly look on. What was even more unbelievable was the way the politicians on both sides of the divide behaved and reacted. Some stooping to lowest level by trivializing the events and making irresponsible remarks. As like everyone I had questions – how could our intelligence agencies not detect such a huge operation? who was behind these attacks? and what we as a nation need to do that this never happens again? We have many of those answers now but again the same deadlock with a neighbor who refuses to take responsibility of the happenings in their country and our political leadership that never seems to rise up from their petty bickering. The people of India have unanimously spoken ‘Enough is Enough’, no more of this terror. Our government needs to get its act together to protect its citizens. Some learning’s have emerged very clearly and if we don’t learn from them, then history will repeat itself. Lastly let us never forget ever the heroes who gave their lives for the nation in this.

My prayer request to God

Dear Almighty,
Bring your healing and comfort to all the families of the lost ones. May the souls of all the men, women and children that died rest in peace. We do believe that they are all now with you in your loving kingdom. Awaken the minds of the people who are responsible for administrating nations all over the world so that they realize that they have responsibility to their citizens and to the world that they live in. May they be freed from all their greed for power and money and may they understand the seriousness of their duties that they have been instated for. May all those who want to fight in the name of religion realize that the only religion you want them to follow is the religion of love and brotherhood. We all hope that you will be besides us in this hour of need when the world stands at brink of self destruction. May you inspire each and every heart to make positive changes in our lives and in the lives of others.


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2 Responses to Mumbai i write this with a heavy heart

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was a terrible event with many tragedies..but also one of many miracles…where we hear stories of lives being saved and the goodness and bravery of the human race. I am sadden for the losses and thankful for the ones spared.


  2. Jamshed Wadia says:

    Ya heard many as well. Some were just unbelievable.

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