The 25 random chain that’s happening at Facebook i thought i should repost mine on the blog.
1. I don’t like mangoes and the first and only time I had a mango in my entire life was on my first date with Chris as I was too shy to say no.
2. My first ever published article was wrongly attributed to a professor of mine and they issued an erratum the next week and gave me credit for it.
3. My favorite drink now is ‘Milo’ and I had my first ‘Milo’ just 4 years back when I visited my friend in Shanghai.
4. I pinched my teacher’s butt when I was in Kindergarten.
5. During my hostel days I was known as the banker and the lender. Anyone who wanted money would come to me. My hostel mates even gave me money for safe keep as they thought it was safer in my hands. No I didn’t charge any interest and probably made some losses out of all this.
6. I have a heart condition called ‘Wolfman Parkinson White’ syndrome which essentially makes my heart beat faster and no that’s not the reason why I feel that I am in love always 🙂
7. My favorite musicians are Annie Lenox, Whitney Houston, Sade, Cold Play, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Gun’s & Roses, Pearl Jam, Bee Gees, Eagles, Bryan Adams, Moby, Paul Van Dyk, these are just some that come right to my mind.
8. My favorite song is “Secret garden” by Bruce Springsteen. I just feel it illustrates well the depth of a woman’s heart.
9. I am inherently an introverted person but over the years I have forced myself to be a bit more open. But I would still classify myself as a bit stuck up.
10. Yes I am very aware that I am anything but cool and my favorite line on this is from the movie almost famous. “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool”
11. What hurts me most is ‘Racism’ and i just hate it when people pretend that it doesn’t exist. The only thing I want to say about this is ‘if you don’t understand a culture, don’t hate it’.
12. I have had 2 surgeries done on me till date and no it’s not plastic surgery.
13. 13 is my lucky number.
14. I consider myself as a person who is 100% in touch with my feelings I know exactly how I feel and why I feel that way. Because of which I never have any excuses for myself when I behave bad.
15. My earliest memory is from when I was 3 years. It’s still as fresh in my mind.
16. I love to play the role of a DJ. One of my childhood dreams is to have a house that’s big enough to have a disco room.
17. I have had more woman bosses than male bosses. My preference is …. (it’s an easy guess)
18. I have problem with clannish behavior. I don’t like anything that is forcefully synchronized or choreographed to be similar. I am of the firm belief that we all have our unique strengths and it is this uniqueness that makes us a pretty picture. How would a family look if they wore clothes made from the same fabric? Weird right?
19. Please note again in pt 18 I said forcefully. There are things that flow together with free will but those are rare and you will know when you experience something like that.
20. My favorite movie is ‘Jerry McGuire’
21. My favorite color to wear is blue but for everything else it is ‘red’.
22. I have now learned how to be patient around superficial conversation and I know that there are places you just can’t avoid it.
23. I get my short tempered nature from my grandpa.
24. I have an ambition to be an author of a best seller one day.
25. There 25 more things that I don’t want to pen down 🙂

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