When i was a kid my mom used to frequently bring us to the beach. An outing at the beach meant horse rides, sand castles, eating by the beach stalls and walking along the water. There is this one particular day i distinctly remember, i was sitting by the beach and watching another kid build his sand castle. This kid over the last one hour had put in a great amount of work in defining details like windows, doors, a chimney, a garden and a dog house. Then suddenly out of no where there was this teenager who came up to the boy and kicked at his sand castle destroying it completely. Seeing that i was so upset that i ran to the bully and asked him why did he do this but he just ginned at me and walked right past me with no answer and no reason. I remember thinking to myself, wow this boy took over an hour to build something so wonderful only to be ruined in a matter of seconds by another person. The reason why i remember this incident now is because over the last few months i have come to realise that there many such people out there who never manage to build anything good in their life but they take pride in ruining things for others who have things going for them. Seeing so many instances of people ruining other people’s marriages, driving others to financial ruin and sabotaging other peoples careers. All these people only know one thing that is to destroy in a instant what other people took many years of toil to build. We need to guard our hearts, marriages, friendships, relationships and finances from these destroyers who just look for that weak link in us to strike us down with their deception.

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