I put up a status update on Facebook today that goes like – “Public sentiment and the actual truth can be 2 different things, a good leader knows this and would either lovingly try to change the sentiment of his or her members or back off till an appropriate time to effect the change. Change no matter how truthful it is can’t be stuffed down peoples throats without love and understanding. Quoting the movie Gladiator “You win the crowd you win your freedom”
No points for guessing what inspired this . It’s the sad turn of events that occurred this weekend in Singapore where two groups clashed to wrestle control of a well meaning NGO focused for welfare of woman. In my opinion none of the 2 groups really won. And I am really curious how many of the new members who put an end to the anarchical attitude of the new committee will come back to do service to this organization.  Does it take a crisis like this to boost an organization’s recruitment? Or should the recruitment be driven on growing needs of the woman in our society. Shouldn’t these new members have signed up before this political storm hit, when children and woman were falling prey to abuse and injustice? So much energy to fight ideology on both sides but so little consideration to service the community. Will we continue to react to situations only when our interest as a group is in jeopardy? or will be more proactive in serving people, assuming that is the whole reason the institution is established for. As for the style of leadership of the new and now old exec committee, the lesser is said the better. Even if your values may be well placed this is no way to enforce it on others. Assuming people know how secular democratic NGO’s function where people are convinced and won over before any directional changes are implemented. We aren’t talking about a hostile corporate take over we are talking about an organization with a mandate to serve people. And as per my belief in our God, I believe that God provides us with his guidelines in his word to live our lives but he leaves the choice to us to follow. God would rather have us follow him out of love and conviction rather that coercion and force. I don’t believe that he has given any fellow human the right to judge another human being; that right is with him and only him. Nor has given the right to anyone to ban or condemn any other person who thinks any different than his word. He welcomes all his children to come to him with varying opinions because he knows when they genuinely connect with him he will set their hearts right.
To end no hateful comments please! Let’s talk like self respecting adults.
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