I don’t know about you but as I grow older I am finding a lot of people (myself included) using the phrase – ‘Life is short’ pretty often. It’s not uncommon to hear this – Life is short so let me smoke, party, sleep around, eat unhealthy, let down my hair and behave irresponsible, shop till I am broke, drink till I puke… sounds familiar? It seems like this phrase has taken a life of its own and become a directional life philosophy for many of us.
Every possible indiscretion that we plan is easily excused by just saying – can’t help it but ‘life is short’ and that I need to be selfish and do my own thing. Well let me tell you that I have got news for you, if you look at World Bank public data available on Google you will see that the actual average life expectancy of an individual is gone from 42 years in 1960 to 65 years in 2007 and the more developed countries it’s even gone up to 80 years. So in reality as the years go by, our life expectancy is going higher. So chances are the length of your life will be more than your parents and grand parents. So next time you want to find a flimsy excuse to live recklessly try another phrase than ‘life is too short’, because it’s not. It’s usually long enough to accommodate time to bear the consequences of our actions.
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