– This week i am reminded that it is very difficult to change perceptions that people may have of us both in our professional and personal life and even though we maybe different people now not many  may bother changing their minds. It’s true that first impresions count.
– Read this excellent book ~ ‘How to respond when you feel mistreated’. I guess i have a lot to learn in the area of patience and forgiveness.
– If you noticed the news on television these days is getting more and more depressing. If you didn’t know better one would think the world is coming to an end, but who knows it may be close.

– I do believe that most of the social problems are related to policies and politics based on social exclusion of people based on race, color, religion and social strata. If we continue to isolate people from the mainstream society just because they think and look differently from us, then we would have a bunch of people who are angry, frustrated and disillusioned. Constant dialogue and communication is key to resolving conflicts and potential explosive situations.
– Watched the movie ‘seabiscuit’ this week , what an awesome movie. It got me all pepped up and motivated to meet my current challenges. The story is about this tiny horse and his 3 owners that prove all their critics wrong by winning every derby race in US during the great depression era.
– Went for a nice romantic dinner with girlfriend on Tuesday night at ‘Halia ‘in botanical gardens. We are not much of a fine dining couple but we always enjoy and make fun of our experiences in these places. Must admit that Chris has her way with people. She got the chef to make her a banana split for desert which was definitely not on the menu of a fine dining restaurant.
– Coloring and straightening my hair this week, getting rid of my stubborn curls is a task says my pal Perry. But this guy is a great stylist and a good friend too. Actually writing this post at my favorite salon Ooosh! Have a blast this weekend folks 😉
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