Last week I did a bit traveling to Japan to meet up with my customers. A Japan trip is always fun, I love the place for its sophistication, courteously and customer service. If you have never been to Japan and have a chance to make a personal or work trip I suggest don’t pass up that opportunity. Japanese culture is quite fascinating as it has so many deep layers within the one that most visitors see. I guess you can say that about all cultures but Japanese culture especially is very intriguing, their obsession with process, protocol, pleasantries and hierarchy is very evident in any interaction with them. Though my Japanese colleague pointed out it’s more prominent in older generation then younger but seems like most people follow the fold. In fact I joked with him that they should send all Japanese for 2 years to India to lighten up and learn how to deal with life without structure and maybe send all Indians for 2 years to Japan to learn about discipline, social responsibility and respect for process. Anyway the trip was hectic with back to back meetings and almost no time to explore Tokyo but I have made a promise to myself to go their soon for a vacation soon. My friend there has offered to take me out which is an offer I intend to take up soon.

Oh yes before I wrap up about Japan I went ahead and bought myself a Sony Bloggie at Japan airport. I have been eying this gadget for the longest time and when impulse met need ‘wola’ I bought it. It’s HD video recording device with facility to take still pictures as well, great resolution options, easy USB connectivity, zoom functionality and one hour of HD recording time with awesome audio pickup.
Back on the home front in Singapore I discovered this awesome tailor thanks to my colleague in office. The shirts and pants have never fitted me this well. What they say is quite true that the day you know you are dressed smartly you automatically feel good about your day. So I am going put in a bit more effort on how I dress to work.
Watched Sex and the City 2 with Chris over the weekend and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Watching a movie with Chris is always fun and eventful. Her laugh is loud and prolonged so a couple of looks from people nearby is a given. But what I love is she knows and doesn’t care about it. Sometimes I think she is Chinese with an Indian spirit hah.
On the CHC bit I have faith and trust that things will be okay. My inner spirit tells me to stick with our church family and being steadfast and strong is the brave and right option to take here.
My favorite status post for this week: “Whenever I am too scared to continue I will always think ‘many years from now what will people say about the strength of my character when they know I abandoned my beliefs at the slightest sign of trouble”
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